FORT WORTH, Texas — This past month National Farm Life Insurance Company (NFLIC) launched their brand-new website that offers a new look and increased functionality. The site provides easy access for agents, policy holders, and sharing the amazing story of William C. Young like never before.

In late 2020, NFLIC engaged Balcom Agency located in Fort Worth, Texas to create a revamp of the company’s website. The redesign is part of a brand campaign designed to create NFLIC key messaging. The messaging is showcased in brochures, educational literature, and now the website. Vice President, Brad Coon, commented that, “one of the primary goals of the brand campaign was to have the printed literature and electronic components match up with the brand that is National Farm Life.”

The new site clearly shares the Company’s mission, vision, and core values, and helps potential customers find an agent with the click of a button. Customers can now choose their county and enter their contact information that will be sent directly to our regional coordinators. Coon, explains that at NFLIC “we firmly believe the purchase of a life insurance policy should be done with the help of a licensed, professional insurance agent.”

Agents now have the opportunity to walk prospective customers through the decision-making process to provide best possible coverage. “Individuals have their own unique needs, and it is our job to listen to their story and make the best recommendations for their life insurance needs,” said Coon.

Along with advancements in how potential customers find an agent. Policyholders will soon have their own customer portal. This will allow them to view their policy status as well as make basic changes to their policies.

The launching of the new website also brings additional awareness to NFLIC. The company now uses an advanced search engine optimization to allow the public to find the Company faster.
To visit the new website, visit

Founded in 1946 in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards, NFLIC offers products through more than 1,300 independent agents. Whole life insurance is the cornerstone product of the company and is complemented by a suite of financial services marketed to families across Texas.