William C. Young founded National Farm Life so he would never have to see another policyholder deceived.

During the Depression, Mr. Young took every odd job he could find to put himself through college. He secured a teaching position and started selling life insurance to fellow teachers – but the company he worked for reorganized, and began funneling profits to stockholders rather than policyholders.

Shocked and disappointed, Mr. Young decided there ought to be a better way. After a tour of duty in World War II, he presented an idea for a better insurance company to the Texas State Board of Insurance: a company that limited stockholder profits to just a 10% return on the original stock price and gave the rest to its participating policyholders.

Mr. Young was granted his charter on March 12, 1946, after six months traveling around the state to raise funds, and National Farm Life opened its doors in the North Fort Worth Bank Building of the celebrated Stockyards. Two successful decades later, the company purchased 20 acres and built a white columned midcentury modern building, designed by Grayson Gill.

Now, every Christmas season, we wrap up the building in a giant bow, because we don’t just want to be a life insurance company – we want to be a gift for our policyholders.

Our Mission

National Farm Life Insurance Company provides the proper financial tools to secure a family’s future. We honor the National Farm Life Story by maximizing policyholder dividends and foster relationships in a culture informed by our core values.

Our Values

Authenticity and relationship is our brand.

Helping, caring, putting others first.

Honesty, the first step to loyalty.

Mutual trust and an unwavering dedication to policyholders, agents and employees.

Confidence inspired by stability.